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Creative Discovery Studio is an arts program for our military community! We offer free, weekly open studio sessions hosted at the Council for the Arts in downtown Jacksonville, NC as well as online programming accessible around the globe.

Our Mission

Creating and engaging with art is beneficial for everyone. It lowers stress, builds confidence, and helps us connect with ourselves and those around us. We offer these benefits to our military community in a way that’s tailored specifically to their needs. We also collaborate with Creative Arts Therapists from Intrepid Spirit Concussion Recovery Center aboard Camp Lejeune, North Carolina as a means to build a bridge between clinical care and our community program.


[I thought] it was going to be a bunch of messed up or angry ex-military people but when I went it was NOT that at all! It was wonderful people doing art, laughing, joking, having a great time and I was instantly welcomed by everyone there. I never feel out of place there.

Adriana Mejias, USMC Retired

When I stopped coming for three weeks, I could tell a difference. I began to relapse into old patterns of anger and self-harm. [This] helps me get out of those patterns. I need it to be a constant in my life. It’s a lifesaver.

David Padilla, USMC Retired

One of my favorite things about the open studio is that I can come in with no plan and be inspired by my fellow artists and leave having started or learned something new. I can do as much or as little “social interaction” as I feel comfortable with and never feel pressured, coerced or put upon. I am truly free to be me in this space and that is not something you can say very often in today’s world.

Lorraine Massey, Disabled Army Veteran

Even if you don't think you are artistic, you might be surprised at your capacity to create a great work or maybe you'll just meet someone who makes you laugh. Either way, you've created joy and that's the best creation of all!

Shae Ackerson, Military Spouse

Open Studio Sessions

Find out more about our weekly in-person open studio sessions hosted at the Council for the Arts here in Jacksonville, NC!

Virtual Open Studio 

Open studio from the comfort of, well, wherever you are! Click the button below to find out more about our Virtual Open Studio.

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